A DSL for elegant tweak development in Swift.

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Orion is a DSL designed to make it entirely effortless to interact with with Objective-C’s dynamic aspects in Swift. The project’s primary goal is to enable easy, fun, and versatile jailbreak tweak development in Swift. In some ways, it is to Swift what Logos is to Objective-C, but it’s simultaneously a lot more than that.

It is possible to use Orion as a regular framework (invoking the preprocessor in a build script), or in a Theos tweak (recommended).

Orion is not a framework for hooking Swift code. As of now, Orion only supports hooking Objective-C and C code, however this may change in the future.

For more information, refer to the documentation.


The following is a simple tweak which changes the text of all labels to say “hello”:

class MyHook: ClassHook<UILabel> {
    func setText(_ text: String) {


See LICENSE.md for licensing information.